Pediatric Liver (Hepatology) Disease Center

Pediatric Liver (Hepatology) Disease Center

Comprehensive treatment for pediatric liver disease, including the only pediatric liver transplant program in North Texas

When your child faces a new diagnosis or requires expert medical management for early or end-stage liver disease, you need the reassurances of experience, access to the latest technology and an actionable plan. The board-certified physicians at UT Southwestern practicing at Children's Health℠ collaborate with a full team of pediatric specialists to diagnose and treat everything from newborn jaundice to biliary atresia, and other complex liver conditions such as metabolic liver disease, end stage liver disease, and acute liver failure.

There are many gastroenterologists who manage liver disease, but we have invested in advanced training to provide a full spectrum of care, from disease management and resolution through liver transplant should it become necessary.

In rare cases in which a child requires a liver transplant, we offer the only pediatric liver transplant program in North Texas. As one of the busiest transplant centers in the nation, we are dedicated to patient- and family-centered care that produces outcomes ranking among the best in the nation.

Meet your multidisciplinary team

Your care team includes hepatologists, gastroenterologists, hematologists, interventional radiologists, psychologists and dietitians, as well as hepatobiliary and transplant surgeons. Amal Aqul, M.D., and Norberto Rodriguez-Baez, M.D., are each board certified in hepatology, liver transplant and general gastroenterology. 

The first and highest-ranked liver transplant program in North Texas

In the event that your child needs a liver transplant, you can rest assured your child is in the best possible hands. Our transplant program, led by UT Southwestern surgeons and physicians, was home to the first liver transplant in North Texas in 1984.

Striving for perfection

We are proud to report that the one-year pediatric liver transplant survival rate is 100% and three-year pediatric liver transplant survival is 100%. Our liver transplant program ranks #1 in the nation, tied with one other program, as reported by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients for results ending in July 2019, and we are the only 5-star program in Texas for adults and pediatrics.

Dr. Andersen went out of his way to give us information about the diagnosis (Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency) and he did not leave us in the dark about anything. He promised that we would get through this diagnosis together.
Jaidan's mom

Successful outcomes begin with clinical knowledge and leading-edge technology

We have the latest tools such as magnetic resonance elastography to accurately diagnose the degree of fibrosis (scarring) in the liver so that our team can compassionately and expertly manage the disease progression for a complete cure -- or in rare cases of end-stage liver disease --liver transplant.

The Liver Program collaborates with highly skilled interventional radiologists to perform technically challenging procedure such as TIPS and PTC. Our world-class Therapeutic Endoscopy Program performs the region’s most sought-after hepatobiliary procedures, including ERCP, endoscopic ultrasound and endoscopic ultrasound guided liver biopsy.  

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