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Pediatric Liver Disease



Children’s Medical Center Dallas has one of only four pediatric liver diseases programs in the nation to receive a rating of 5, the highest score possible, from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) for our liver transplant outcomes. This rating indicates that our outcomes were better than expected in relation to our volume and risk factors. Our transplant program, led by UT Southwestern surgeons and physicians, consistently achieves outcomes that exceed the national average.

As the only program in Texas – pediatric or adult – to receive a 5 out of 5 rating, we are proud of the clinical expertise and dedication to patient-centered care that these results are built on. We offer the only pediatric program in North Texas to perform liver transplants – more than 500 since the program began in 1984. The liver transplant team offers whole, split and ABO-incompatible liver transplants using deceased donor livers to treat a range of diagnoses.

Conditions and Treatments



Children's Health is home to the internationally recognized Hepatology and Liver Transplantation Program. Not only are we leaders in treatment and care, but we’re also at the forefront of research into new treatments for acute liver failure, viral hepatitis and other chronic liver diseases. We’re also helping to set the standard for the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases in children. As a reporting facility to ImproveCareNow, Children’s Health shares outcomes with other pediatric facilities around the country. This information sharing eliminates variability of care by helping to craft a uniform set of treatments for a given condition. It’s just one more way we help your child — and every child — get well and back to the job of being a kid.