Pediatric and Childhood Celiac Disease Program

Pediatric and Childhood Celiac Disease Program


The childhood celiac disease center at Children’s Medical Center Plano is the only medical pediatric celiac program in North Texas. The fully accredited program, affiliated with UT Southwestern, is located at the Children’s Health Specialty Center in Plano.

The childhood celiac disease program at Children’s Health employs a multidisciplinary approach to care for children with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Patient care and family support are provided by a pediatric gastroenterologist, a celiac disease-focused dietitian and a clinical psychologist. The comprehensive approach provides each patient with an individualized evaluation and support system to appropriately manage the disease, while maintaining a gluten-free diet and/or a gluten-free environment.

The program provides educational and support services, including assistance with a gluten-free diet, specialized school plans and the psychological aspects of a chronic disease involving significant dietary modifications. Patients evaluated in the program may be newly diagnosed, have had the diagnosis or have suspected childhood celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. The primary practice site of the childhood celiac disease program is at the Children’s Medical Center Plano campus.

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