Cancer Survivorship

Cancer Survivorship

The After Cancer Experience (ACE) Program

Helping pediatric cancer patients become lifelong cancer survivors

Nearly 90% of kids with cancer survive the disease, thanks to advances in treatment. But cancer treatments can also put children at increased risk for long-term health issues, like infertility, heart problems, growth abnormalities, cognitive impairment, obesity, hearing loss and secondary cancers.

The After Cancer Experience (ACE) Program at Children’s Health℠ was built to help kids live well after cancer. As our patients grow up, we closely monitor their health and provide care tailored to their exact needs. We were one of the first programs of our kind in the nation – founded in 1989 – and we lead the way in research to help cancer survivors thrive.

Conditions We Treat

  • Heart Problems
  • Osteopenia/Osteoporosis
  • Hormone Abnormalities
  • Infertility
  • Second Cancers

A multifaceted program

The ACE Program team works with patients to educate them about life after cancer, and predict and prevent future health problems. Our program includes:

  • Patient care: Most patients see us once per year for routine checkups that may include heart screenings, mental health screenings or other support. We also offer many services through telehealth, so patients who live far away don’t have to travel for appointments as often.
  • Education: We teach patients and their families about ways to maintain their overall health. And we educate them on potential warning signs of health problems, so they know what to watch for. We’ve also held survivorship conferences for patients and their families, helping them connect with others and learn more about life after cancer.
  • Research: Our partnership with UT Southwestern enabled us to build a robust research enterprise and become a national leader in studying cancer survivorship. We study the best ways to predict and prevent future health problems for cancer survivors. This includes research about fertility after cancer, and we also collect data about which cancers and treatments are tied to specific health problems.

Personalized care for pediatric cancer survivors

At Children’s Health, we build personalized cancer treatment summaries and care plans for each cancer survivor. We look at factors like genetics, what treatments you’ve had and how old you are when you went through treatment. We use these factors to help predict, address and prevent future challenges, so every child has the best opportunity for a long, healthy life.

Lifelong care

We’re your trusted source and partner for all things cancer – and we’ll always be here for you. We have survivors up to 60 years old who still come to us for consultation and care. We also support our patients from a distance: for example, we often connect patients who are going away to college with trusted local doctors or provide care via telehealth.

Meet the Care Team