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Cancer Survivors (After the Cancer Experience ACE)


ACE is the After the Cancer Experience program at Children's Health℠ that provides long-term monitoring for children, adolescents and young adult survivors of childhood cancer. ACE is one of only a few programs in the United States that monitors patients for late effects into adulthood. ACE bridges medical care from childhood to adult life within a centralized medical system for expertise in clinical care, education/outreach and research.

Extended Care

We believe that cancer survivors require special care and resources that are customized for their unique medical and psychological needs.

Nationally Recognized

The nationally recognized program follows cancer patients who are disease-free and have been off therapy for at least two years. The ACE program is one of just a few long-term follow-up cancer survivor programs in the nation that bridges the medical care from childhood to adult life within a centralized medical system.


The ACE program treats toxicities of chemotherapy and radiation such as cardiomyopathy, osteopenia, growth abnormalities, infertility, kidney problems and second malignancies with referral to subspecialists.

Research for the Future

At present, one in every 640 young adults aged 20 – 39 years old is a cancer survivor, which means that there are now 270,000 childhood cancer survivors in the United States. Over the past two decades, we have learned that cancer survivors have many unique medical issues and may be at risk of many severe side effects as a result of their cancer or its therapy. The ACE Program was created to address these medical issues and to be on the forefront of medical research for childhood cancer survivorship.