Shaeffer neuromuscular patient


6-year-old | neuromuscular patient

Cheering for football, friends – and literally everyone, including herself.

Tackle your dreams with lots of spirit

Go. Fight. Win. These words couldn't better describe Shaeffer, a 6-year-old neuromuscular patient. Cheering at her brother’s basketball games, she has dreams of being a professional cheerleader when she is older. This little girl has so much spirit and fight, she's sure to win at whatever she does. See some of her favorite cheerleading moves and chants.

Favorite Care Team Member

Researching treatment options loud and proud

Diana Castro, M.D., a neurologist at Children’s Health℠, is one of Shaeffer’s biggest cheerleaders – and the feeling is mutual. Every time Shaeffer sees Dr. Castro, she nearly knocks her over with a big hug. That’s a lot of strength for a little girl with an undiagnosed muscular disease. Although Shaffer’s symptoms don’t exactly match a specific disease, Dr. Castro is determined to find a diagnosis and cure.

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Patient Story

Beating an unidentifiable neuromuscular disease

Running, jumping and skipping, you’d never know this little energetic girl has a neuromuscular disorder. She works hard during physical and occupational therapy, getting stronger by the day. Her symptoms are so rare, though, that physicians haven’t been able to pinpoint a diagnosis. But what can you expect from a one-of-a-kind girl other than an equally unique disease. Want to help kids like Shaeffer?

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Seacrest Studios

Laughing with a country music all-star

From singing to dancing, Shaeffer loves everything about music. When she got to meet Keith Urban in the Seacrest Studios, it was an exciting moment complete with My Little Pony headphones. In fact, she fondly remembers how Keith Urban accidentally “pocket dialed” his wife, Nicole Kidman, and they all got to talk to her.

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Favorite Pastime

Cheering on her dogs

When she’s not on the sidelines of a game, Shaeffer loves playing with animals. It’s just another way she builds her muscles. In fact, she has three Chihuahuas at home – Tucker, Sadie-Loo and Leo. From running around the yard to playing tug-a-war with a toy bunny, the dogs really are Shaeffer’s biggest fan. See how dogs can be therapeutic, too.

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