Carla diabetes patient


10-year-old | diabetes patient

Designed for greatness, Carla is the perfect fit for the fashion world.

Weave your own dreams

They say it's important to dress for success. Ten-year-old diabetes patient Carla wants to help people do just that. When she's older, she wants to be a fashion designer. With an intricate drawing of a watermelon dress complete with matching shoes and headband, she already has a head start. Discover what she has up her sleeve for her next design.

Favorite Care Team Member

Fashioning care beyond the hospital walls

Nothing frightens this outgoing fashionista. But when it came to diabetes, she was terrified. What would her friends think? What could she eat? Michelle McLemore, a Child Life Specialist at Children's Health℠ Plano Campus, helped Carla handle all her fears. From teaching Carla about diabetes to educating Carla's entire classroom, Michelle was by Carla's side through it all.

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Patient Story

Finding care that fit Carla

As a spunky, energetic little girl, Carla’s parents knew something was wrong when Carla had no energy. She became very ill and had to be rushed to the ER at the Children’s Health Plano Campus. There she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Although it has been a life adjustment for the whole family, Carla is back to her fun-loving self. She even designed an insulin pen Halloween costume.

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Legacy of Love

Walking the runway

On April 20, 2017, Carla got to put her fashion skills to the test at the annual Legacy of Love Benefit & Fashion Show. Strutting the latest gladiator sandals with a purple and pink dress, Carla not only got to do what she loves, but she was able to raise money to help kids just like her. Want to help, too?

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Diabetes Kit

Creating the perfect accessory for her disease

The typical diabetes kit comes in a simple zip-up pouch. Most are black, blue and the occasional pink. This just wouldn’t do for an aspiring fashionista, so Carla has created her own kits. She designed one after a sprinkle donut with a fashionable handle and another that's football-themed. Want to learn more about diabetes?

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