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12-year-old | trauma patient

Happiness is Dillon’s blueprint to achieving anything.

Build your own path in life.

If there’s an obstacle in the way of your dreams, find a way around it. Twelve-year-old trauma patient Dillon lives by this motto and shares it with others. It’s no wonder he wants to be an accessibility architect when he is older. He’s excited to help people in wheelchairs just like him navigate around easily. See what he has in store for his first project.

Favorite Care Team Member

Creating the best distraction

After a serious car accident, Dillon was hospitalized with several painful injuries. Getting to visit with Stephanie, a Child Life specialist, and Boots, her dog, made him feel better. Pet-assisted therapy at the Children’s Health℠ Dallas Campus helps children and families cope when they are in an unfamiliar and scary environment. Boots created a pleasant distraction for Dillon in his time of need.

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Patient Story

Drafting up a treatment plan

On September 3, 2017, Dillon was rushed to the ER at Children’s Medical Center Dallas after a major car accident. A severed spinal cord, urological damage and facial fractures were just a few of the many injuries Dillon sustained. In fact, Ghulam Qureshi, M.D., pediatric surgeon, and Kamel Itani, M.D., pediatric ophthalmologist, came together to perform a late night surgery to remove six feet of his intestine and repair an eyelid tear. After 20 days in ICU and about a week at the hospital, Dillon was transferred to Our Children’s House for occupational therapy. Today, he still sees Bruno Braga, M.D., pediatric neurosurgeon, but none of his injuries have stopped him from building the future he wants.

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Talking at events is part of the masterplan

Whether it’s reading the opening act for Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical at the AT&T Performing Arts Center or speaking at an AMBUCS therapeutic tricycle event, Dillon loves outlining his story with others.

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Building up courage for other campers

At Camp Phoenix, a program for trauma patients, Dillon not only built up his confidence, but also inspired hope in others. In fact, he shared his experience with other campers in an effort to encourage them to keep on dreaming. For this act of bravery, he was given a bead of courage, one of many that represent his remarkable journey.

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