Julissa leukemia patient


11-year-old | leukemia patient

When it comes to her dreams, Julie can’t be tamed.

Make your dreams top dog

Playing in the backyard, snuggling on the couch and jumping on the trampoline with her German shepard and pomeranian are Julissa’s favorite activities. It’s no wonder this 11-year-old Leukemia in children patient aspires to be a vet when she is older. See where Julissa, or as some people call her, Julie, wants to have her vet practice when she grows up.

Favorite Care Team Member

Sitting, staying – but most importantly playing

As a leukemia patient, Julie had to sit for chemo treatments and stay at the hospital. In fact, she couldn’t leave the hospital for 8 months. That’s why Devon Knotts, PA, and Linda Golden, a volunteer at Children’s Health℠ Dallas Campus, made sure Julie got to play a lot, too. From making duct tape notebooks to hula hoop competitions, Julie got to be a kid again.

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Patient Story

Treating Julie required lots of time, medicine and slobber

Back in February of 2013, Julie was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. After eight months of hospitalization, intense chemotherapy and a few visits from her favorite pet therapy dog, Julie was released to go home. Today, she is a healthy 11 year old with a compassion for animals – especially dogs.

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Pastime Activity

Playing the flute is another pet project

When she’s not playing with her dogs, Julie is playing her flute. Now in the the sixth grade, Julie is in the school band and will participate in her first holiday concert this December. She’s always loved music and a good dance party. It’s art and music therapy at Children’s Health that helped her through some of her hardest days. Want to help with other programs for children?

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