Rehabilitation Medicine - Program Overview

Rehabilitation Medicine



Your child may need rehabilitation after an injury to teach healing muscles and nerves to work again. Some children are born with disorders of the brain and nervous system or of the skeletal system that cause problems with movement or strength.

The physiatrist looks at your child’s entire body and all of your child’s functions, not just at one symptom or problem. They may help with rehabilitation following surgery, but physiatrists do not use surgery as part of their treatment.

Reason for Rehabilitation

We specialize in helping children who have problems with neurological or musculoskeletal disorders, such as spina bifida and cerebral palsy.

The physiatrist might prescribe physical therapy to help relax your child’s muscles or occupational therapy to help your child with a spinal cord injury better adapt to perform routine activities.

Our Team

Our physical medicine and rehabilitation team cares for children being treated as inpatients by evaluating their needs before they leave the hospital. We also see children regularly for scheduled outpatient visits. We know the kinds of services children typically need for many conditions and tailor the services specifically to your child’s age, health and situation.


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