Pulmonology Therapy Program

Pulmonology Therapy Program

The Pulmonology Therapy Program at Children's Health℠ offers comprehensive care for children with complex respiratory needs in a unique environment designed for families.

Our Pulmonology Therapy Program is home to a team of pulmonologists that are dedicated to supporting your child. Part of Children’s Health Integrated Therapy A Panda Cares Center of Hope, your child will receive frequent therapy designed for them. Our hands-on approach can help them make progress whether they need to strengthen their lungs, work toward developmental milestones, or practice swallowing and speaking.

We also support parents through every step of your child’s care and offer education on how to care for your child. We’ll teach you their proper ventilator settings, how to change out and care for your child’s tracheostomy, and other skills you need. The goal of this education is to help you take your child home safely, often after they’ve spent months in the hospital.

A place made for children and teens

In our unique environment, we help kids just be kids, even when they have a tracheostomy (a hole in the front of the throat where a breathing tube can connect to a ventilator). Our program is built to help children develop and go home, where they can join their family and further work towards their goals. We want kids to have fun, too, so they can visit places like:

  • Playrooms with toys for all ages
  • An outdoor playground made for children with medical needs
  • School rooms for reading and learning

Understanding why they need medical equipment or hospital care can be difficult for children. Our Child Life team is here to support your child and talk about their treatment in terms they understand. They use special dolls, books and other tools to make treatment less scary and provide activities that make being at the hospital fun.

Comprehensive pediatric therapy services

We care for all of your child’s needs through our program through individualized therapies. For infants, our therapists may focus on child development activities like pulling to sit, rolling, walking, using their hands and swallowing. For older children, we may help them with activities of daily living like dressing, bathing and playing.

No matter what age your child is, we can help you secure the appropriate tools and equipment they need to interact with the world safely, such as a medical stroller that holds a baby and a portable vent or a communication board to help them speak. The right equipment can improve their quality of life and help them experience the world.


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