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Pediatric Infectious Disease Diagnostics


The Microbiology Laboratory is committed to providing the highest quality testing and clinical consultation to aid in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of immunologic conditions including allergies, celiac disease and other autoimmune conditions. We also provide infectious disease serologic testing to assess for tuberculosis infection and confirm immune status for Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella. We are committed to applying scientific and management principles to promote efficiency, enhance patient care and improve clinical utility.

The Microbiology/Virology/Molecular laboratory performs testing to aid in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Our laboratory is on the leading edge of test development and has implemented the most cutting edge technologies for the detection and identification of bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens. Of note we are one of only a few institutions who are utilizing Matrix- assisted laser desorption /ionization-time of flight (MALDI-TOF) technology for the identification of yeast and bacteria. Susceptibility testing is performed on disease-causing organisms to guide antibiotic treatment.

In collaboration with our Advanced Diagnostics division our laboratory continually develops/implements molecular testing assays. Our menu of molecular tests now includes the FilmArray Respiratory Viral Panel (RVP), quantitative EBV, CMV, Adenovirus and BK virus PCR, Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis PCR, HSV PCR (blood, csf and vesicle fluid), C. difficile Toxin B PCR and Enterovirus PCR from CSF. In addition, we maintain traditional virology methods such as culture and DFA for testing of specimens not validated for molecular testing.

Infectious Disease Diagnostic Tests

  • BK
  • CMV
  • EBV
  • HSV
  • Maldi organism identification
  • Mumps IgG
  • Pert
  • Quantiferon TB
  • Rubeola IgG
  • RVP
  • Varicella IgG