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Pediatric Allergy and Immune Serology

Our pediatric Allergy testing team is committed to providing the highest quality testing and clinical consultation around allergies. Read on to learn more.

Pediatric Electron Microscopy

The Electron Microscopy Laboratory at Children’s Health, our electron imaging lab, offers expertise in electron microscope testing on all tissue specimens.

Pediatric Genetics Laboratory Services

Find out how the Genetics Testing Laboratory at Children’s Health provides state of the art clinical laboratory services & clinical DNA testing for patients.

Pediatric Metabolic Disease Laboratory

The Metabolic Disease Laboratory at Children’s Health offers pediatric metabolic disease testing for a range of different analyses. Read on to learn more.

Pediatric Autopsy

The Children’s Health Pediatric Autopsy Laboratory offers expertise in complete postmortem evaluation through our child autopsy services. Read on to learn more.

Pediatric Specialty Drug Testing

The Specialty Drug Testing Laboratory at Children’s Health performs testing for general therapeutic drugs and certain specialty drugs. Read on to find out more.

Pediatric Surgical Pathology

Our team of pathologists offers a vast array of diagnostic testing on pediatric surgical pathology tissues. This team of specialists helps to diagnose and understand the nature of complex diseases.


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