ARCH (At Risk Children) Center

ARCH (At Risk Children) Center

Children’s Health℠ team of caring professionals believes every child deserves a healthy childhood, and everyone at Children’s Health is dedicated to making that possible. Some children face more challenges than others, and ARCH, the At-Risk Children’s Center, is in place to offer those children and their families the care, education, support they need. 

A team approach to care

Nowhere else in Texas will you find a center like ARCH, dedicated to improving the health care, well-being and physical and emotional outcomes for at-risk children. The committed, professional, highly-trained and caring providers at Children’s Health work hardest when the odds are stacked against children and their families. 

The ARCH at Children’s Health aims to provide the model of health care to children and their families, so they can beat the odds and enjoy a healthy childhood. It’s what every child deserves. ARCH services are provided by a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including:

Other specialists are as close as Children’s Dallas, Plano, or the Southwestern Campus.

In addition to medical professionals fully dedicated to working with at-risk children (from birth to age 18) and their families, Children’s Health specialists work in tandem with the Family Access Network (FAN) of Dallas as well as leading researchers to ensure that children and their families don’t “fall through the cracks.”  

Meet the Care Team