Post-Adoption Subspecialty Referrals

What can I expect with Post-Adoption Subspecialty Referrals?

Parents who are concerned about their child's development can request a post-adoption developmental screening, and if necessary, an evaluation by a child psychologist with special training in early childhood development. As your child grows, Children’s Health International Adoption Medicine team will continue to support your family, and if your child’s needs are not being met elsewhere, they will be able to direct you to the pediatric subspecialty professionals who can help, from gastroenterology to infectious diseases, and from neurology to physical therapy (PT).

Information for referral sources:

  • Self-referral or healthcare professional referral accepted.
  • Services are provided in close cooperation with the patient’s referring physician.
  • Follow-up evaluation and recommended treatment information is provided promptly to the referring physician.

Please provide the following when calling to schedule a patient for an evaluation:

  • Patient name and date of birth
  • For post-adoption screenings, provide insurance/referral information