Pediatric Infectious Diseases Program

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Program

Expert care from physicians internationally recognized for their leadership in research and innovative treatments.

Frightening fevers, bacterial infections, neonatal infections,tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases can be especially devastating when the patient is a child. At Children’s Health℠, members of the Infectious Disease Team are experts in diagnosing, treating, and managing infectious diseases in children of all ages.

Our specialists also offer medical advice and consultations to other physicians. Those needing medical advice or consultation should call 214-456-6500.

Conditions We Treat

  • Endocarditis
  • Infections in children with compromised immune systems (due to malignancy or transplant)
  • Intra-abdominal infections
  • Invasive fungal infections
  • Lymphadenopathy/Lymphadenitis
  • Medical device related infections
  • Neonatal Infections
  • Parasitic infections
  • Recurrent Fevers
  • Recurrent infections
  • Staphylococcal infections
  • Travel-related infections including typhoid fever and malaria

Experts in infectious diseases

The infectious disease physicians at Children's Health have been recognized internationally for landmark research, including the pathogenesis of emerging pathogens and respiratory viral infections, viral-host interactions involving central nervous system infections, transmission of health-care associated infections, and drug discovery for neglected tropical diseases.

The Infectious Diseases Clinic is also well regarded in the North Texas community and beyond, as an expert in neonatal infections such as congenital syphilis, the care of children living with HIV/AIDS, preventative medicine for internationally adopted children, and evaluation and treatment of children with infections associated with vulnerable immune systems.

Care for children with infections is provided through:

Infectious Disease Inpatient Consultation

Infectious Disease physicians interact with all the divisions and services within the hospital, the Emergency Department and surgical services. Care is provided to hospitalized children with complex infectious diseases, such as pneumonia, meningitis, and endocarditis. Follow up care for patients recently discharged from the hospital with ongoing infection requiring treatment is available on Children’s Medical Center Dallas campus within our Infectious Disease Clinic.

Infectious Disease Outpatient Consultation

Care is also delivered in the traditional ‘doctor’s office’ for infants, children, and adolescents with infection. Appointments are available with an infectious diseases specialists to evaluate and manage infections in children that do not require hospital care. Common diagnoses include recurrent fevers, latent tuberculosis, musculoskeletal infections, and lymphadenopathy/lymphadenitis.

Specialty Clinics:

The infectious disease specialists have dedicated specialty clinics for children experiencing infections that require additional expertise and resources. These clinics offer access to a team of multi-disciplinary staff and infectious disease specialists together in a clinic dedicated to provide the best and safest care for vulnerable patients.

Congenital Infectious Diseases Clinic

Infectious disease specialists work closely with maternal-fetal medicine providers, obstetricians, and newborn physicians to address infections impacting newborn infants. These infections, such as congenital syphilis, neonatal herpes infection, congenital cytomegalovirus, and new and emerging infections, such as COVID infections in newborns. Families also have access to state-of-the art research aimed at broadening medical knowledge and therapy available for congenital and perinatal infections.

ARMS Clinic (Primary Care for HIV and AIDS)

Since 1987, the ARMS Clinic has offered primary care and specialty HIV management combined in a single clinic model for infants, children and adolescents living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. The care is delivered by a multi-disciplinary staff, including infectious disease specialists with decades of experience, alongside a dedicated pharmacy, social work and child life staff, who are experts in helping children and families live their lives fully. All care is delivered in a confidential manner.

Immunocompromised Host and Transplant Infectious Diseases Clinic

Medicine has offered increasing success rates from childhood cancers and organ failure requiring transplantation. However, immune suppression associated with these conditions can lead to unusual and chronic infections. The experts in infectious diseases lead a team to evaluate and manage infections in children with vulnerable immune systems.

Referral information

The internationally-recognized infectious disease specialists work with pediatric providers throughout Texas and the United States on difficult cases, particularly those involving recurrent fevers, bacterial infections, tuberculosis, neonatal infections, musculoskeletal infections, and parasitic/tropical diseases.

Consultations and treatments are provided in close cooperation with the patient's referring physician. Diagnosis, evaluation and recommended treatment information is provided promptly to the referring physician. A written referral from a physician is usually required, and pre-authorization is required by many insurance plans. To find out more about the referral process, please call 214-456-6500.

Meet the Care Team


The Infectious Diseases Clinic is located on the Children’s Medical Center Dallas campus, within the ARCH Center, on the 1st floor of the Bright Building. Parking can be found in the Blue Parking Garage, which is located across from the Children’s Health Emergency Room on Southwestern Medical Avenue. Telemedicine appointments are available for established patients. Please call our clinic at 214-456-6500 if transportation your clinic visit is an issue.