Pediatric Ear Deformities

The experienced Physician Assistant team at Children’s Health works with a multidisciplinary team to evaluate and treat differences in ear shapes. Our goal is to see and treat the condition early, between 5-14 days old, to achieve optimal results and avoid future surgery.

What are Pediatric Ear Deformities?

Ear deformity conditions can be caused due to injury or may be present from birth. They can also be a wide range of abnormalities from small ears to shape abnormalities to having no external ear at all.

What are the different types of  Pediatric Ear Deformities?

How are Pediatric Ear Deformities treated?

Ear deformities are treated with ear molding or surgery. Not all ear deformities will benefit from molding, but the key is to have your child evaluated early before they miss the window to begin this non-surgical treatment option. 

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Pediatric Ear Deformities Doctors and Providers