Pediatric Constricted and Lop Ear Deformity

What is Pediatric Constricted and Lop Ear Deformity?

The terms constricted ear and lop ear are often used interchangeably. A constricted ear is present when the ear does not have normal size and is missing some of the normal features of the ear. The ear appears smaller than normal and often there is a folding forward and downward of the upper portion of the ear. This can range from mild to severe.

How is Pediatric Constricted and Lop Ear Deformity treated?

Ear molding

If diagnosed very early in life, milder forms of constricted ears can be treated with ear molding in the first two months of life. If detected later in life or if the constricted ear is severely misshapen, then a surgery is needed to restore a more normal shape and size to the ear.  


The surgeries for constricted ears can vary widely, because constricted ears can affect ears in very different ways. The procedure must be tailored to the patient’s ear shape. The common forms of constricted ears involve some loss of the details and size in the upper part of the ear, so most surgeries focus on restoring normal features to the upper ear.

These types of reconstruction are often very challenging so it is important that you see a surgeon with experience in treating these problems. 

Ear Molding & Reconstruction Before and After photos

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