Pediatric Cryptotia

What is Pediatric Cryptotia?

Cryptotia is when part of the upper part of the ear is buried under the skin on the side of the head. The part of the ear that is buried is the inner, upper part of the ear. The easiest way to think about this deformity is that the space between the top of your ear and your head that your sunglasses sit on is not there. In cryptotia the space where glasses would normally rest is not present because the inner portion of the ear is buried under the scalp.

How is Pediatric Cryptotia treated?

In order to correct cryptotia the buried portion of the ear must be separated from the side of the head. This leaves a raw area on the back of the top portion of the ear and the side of the head where the ear used to be buried. These raw areas must be covered with skin to prevent scarring and maintain the space where glasses are supposed to sit. There are many ways to do this, usually involving the movement of tissue from the back of the ear or the scalp to close the defect.

Pediatric Cryptotia Doctors and Providers