Brava Bra

What is the Brava Bra?

The Brava Bra is an alternative to a breast implant in which a patient wears a suction device at least 10 hours per day for roughly three months. It can be effective in increasing breast size by one or two cup sizes, but there are concerns that these results are temporary and that breasts treated this way lose their size when treatment stops. To reduce the chance of this, the Brava Bra can be used in combination with fat transfer, which appears to improve the longevity of the technique. 

What are the benefits of using the Brava Bra?

The Brava Bra has the advantage of not requiring an implant and the ongoing consequences of having an implant, but the disadvantage is that the lifelong outcome from the technique is not yet fully known. It is a technique that we can offer at Children’s Health. 

What can I expect after using the Brava Bra?

When treating breast hypoplasia with the Brava Bra, aftercare is important as breast shape and size will alter through changes in weight, after pregnancy or just over time.