Congenital Neurological Disorders Program

Congenital Neurological Disorders Program

Pediatric Neurological Disorders

Our team of neurosurgery and neurology experts specializes in treating congenital neurological disorders. We are recognized as experts in diagnosis and treatment of all types of neonatal neurological disorders – from the common to the complex.

Congenital neurological disorders are conditions that a child is born with. These disorders happen when a baby’s brain, spinal cord and nervous system don’t develop as they should in the womb.

Learning that your child has a congenital neurological disorder is unsettling. We’re here to help you understand and manage your child’s condition, and to give them access to the latest, most effective care.

Expert diagnosis of congenital neurological disorders

Neurological disorders are often lifelong conditions. We offer dedicated programs, health care professionals and services to help your family manage your child’s condition and help them lead their best life.

The maternal-fetal medicine specialists at our Fetal Evaluation and Treatment Alliance (FETAL) Center can detect a number of neonatal neurological disorders while babies are still in the womb. This early detection enables us to create a treatment plan that starts as soon as your baby is born.

Many congenital neurological disorders in children aren’t always evident until after birth. Our doctors use the latest technology to identify and diagnose common and complex neurological disorders in newborns, children and adolescents. An accurate diagnosis allows us to help make life better for your child.

Comprehensive treatments for all types of congenital neurological disorders

There are many types of congenital neurological disorders. Management and treatment depend on the type of condition that your child may have. Children’s Health℠ is home to experts who treat all types of neurological conditions. No matter the problem, we have pediatric specialists who can help.

Our neurosurgeons work with other Children’s Health specialists to meet all your child’s neurosurgical needs. Children who undergo surgery to treat a neurological disorder recover on our pediatric neurosurgical floor. Here, your child receives dedicated care from a team whose sole focus is on helping your child get better. This expertise leads to better outcomes for your child, including lower rates of infection and complications, reduced stays in the ICU and shorter hospital visits.