Lipid Disorders Program

Lipid Disorders Program

We offer highly specialized care for children with every type of lipid disorder.

If your child has a lipid disorder, Children’s Health℠ is here for you. We care for hundreds of kids like yours each year — and our team of experts will work together to create a custom treatment plan to improve your child’s health.

Pediatric lipid disorders happen when children have high levels of fat particles in their blood. These disorders are typically caused by genetics, eating and exercise habits or problems in the endocrine system. Without treatment, pediatric lipid disorders can lead to more serious health problems like heart disease and pancreatitis.

Our team will get to the root of your child’s lipid disorder and use the latest, most effective therapies to help them have a healthier future.

Why Children’s Health? A multidisciplinary approach 

At Children’s Health, we have experts in various specialties that are highly trained to treat your child’s lipid disorder. Our team of cardiologists, endocrinologists and dietitians work to offer complete care for every step of your child’s journey. First, we’ll use tools like detailed lipid screening and advanced genetic testing to evaluate your child and understand their condition. Next, our specialists will provide a treatment plan: a combination of healthy eating, exercise and, if needed, lipid-lowering medications to ensure your child’s health and well being.

Expert Diagnosis and Treatment


If a lipid disorder is suspected, we’ll use a blood test called a lipid panel to learn more. This test will tell us if fat levels in your child’s blood are too high or too low.

Sometimes genetic testing can e needed to confirm the cause of abnormal lipids.


Once we understand what’s causing your child’s lipid disorder, we’ll make a treatment plan just for them. Treatment options include:

  • Lifestyle changes. If your child has elevated fat in their blood, getting them up and moving can help. For kids with disorders like hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) or hypertriglyceridemia (high levels of fats called triglycerides), we typically suggest one hour of vigorous activity and less than two hours of screen time each day. It is important that families incorporate these lifestyle changes into their routine, and we can help.
  • Diet. We help children with all types of lipid disorders improve their condition through custom diet plans. Our dietitians will talk to families about their child’s dietary needs and help build healthy meal plans. These plans consider what your child likes to eat, and we try to include as many of their favorite foods as possible.
  • Medications. Some children may need lipid-lowering medication in addition to changes to their diet and exercise plans. We often prescribe statins — medicines that help decrease cholesterol in the blood. Our team will evaluate your child’s medical history and create a tailored medication plan, just for them.

What sets us apart in lipid disorder care?

  • Lipid disorder specialists. Our lipid disorder program is home to doctors who have gone through intensive training to learn the best ways to help kids. While other doctors see patients with all kinds of illnesses, our team spends all day, every day helping kids like yours.
  • Comprehensive care under one roof. Treating lipid disorders in children can require many experts, like cardiologists, endocrinologists, pharmacists, dietitians and nurses. We offer access to all of these specialists at Children’s Health. This multidisciplinary approach allows for the development of treatment plans that address every aspect of your child’s health.
  • Research. We’re at the forefront of lipid research. Our team includes UT Southwestern physicians who are studying why lipid disorders develop and the best way to treat them. We also offer access to clinical trials, giving kids some of the most advanced treatments, close to home.

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