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Riding a bike to school

Parents of kids that ride a bike to school should go over equipment checks and bike safety steps to help ensure your child's safety.

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Make sure your child has the endurance to ride a bike to school.

For many kids, riding their bike to school is a rite of passage. But dangers abound, even for older children who may have more experience riding a bike when traveling to school.

Before your child rides a bike to school, go over these checks and steps so they're ready to ride the streets safely.

Equipment Checks

Set your child up for biking success and safety by regularly performing the following equipment safety checks with your kid:

  • Make sure your child wears a helmet that fits properly.
  • Make sure the bike is the right size for your child.
  • Make sure your child has the endurance to ride the bike to school, eating a good breakfast will help.
  • Be sure your child dresses appropriately in bright, noticeable colors to keep him or her safe in traffic.

Bike Safety Steps

Encourage your child to always ride their bike as safely as possible by following these guidelines:

  • Find a safe route to school. If possible, find two bike-friendly routes: one that your student takes most of the time and the second route should be a backup.
  • If your child has a cell phone, make sure they carry it in case they get lost. Program emergency numbers into the phone for your child.
  • Help your child learn, and encourage them to obey, all traffic laws.
  • Instruct your child not to ride a bicycle when it's dark, foggy or in other low-visibility conditions.
  • Instruct your child to always confirm with you on the days they are riding a bike to school.

Why is it good to ride a bike to school?

There are many benefits of riding a bike to school, which include:

  • Building sense of community with other bikers and classmates
  • Getting exercise
  • Reducing traffic

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