Pediatric Robotic Surgery

The da Vinci® Surgical System is the latest generation of minimally invasive surgical tools and is used at Children’s Health℠.

What is Pediatric Robotic Surgery?

Contrary to what its name implies, robotic surgery relies on a pediatric surgeon to perform every move. The robotic apparatus enhances the physical capabilities of the surgeon, extending reach and dexterity and enhancing the imaging of the site. The robot reflects the exact movements of the surgeon in real time.

da Vinci surgical robot - Children's HealthRobotic surgery got its start on the field of war, providing remote, surgical support for wounded troops. The da Vinci Surgical System is the latest generation of minimally invasive surgical tools and is used at Children’s Health.

This system allows surgeons to reduce the size of scarring in more patients by performing minimally invasive procedures on children who have more complex problems. The robot gives surgeons a three-dimensional picture instead of a two-dimensional picture.

What are the benefits of Pediatric Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgical methods have certain advantages over traditional, open surgical methods, including:

  • Enhanced dexterity for minute procedures
  • Expanded range of motion
  • Improved three-dimensional imaging of the surgical site
  • Stabilization, which removes any instability inherent in human hands
  • Virtual training capacity
  • Less pain and trauma to the patient
  • Shorter recovery times with fewer complications

This enhanced precision and imaging expands surgical limitations to include procedures of increasing complexity and intricacy that could not have been attempted using laparoscopic or thoracoscopic methods. With the enhanced techniques offered by robotic surgery, outcomes improve and complications are minimized.

Children’s Health is one of the few pediatric hospitals using a surgical robot and one of a few pediatric centers in the country performing routine procedures with the robot.

Pediatric Robotic Surgery Doctors and Providers