Kinematic Motion Capture

Physicians, therapists and scientists at Children’s Health℠ will review the data obtained from this system to recommend treatments and improve patient care.

What can I expect with Kinematic Motion Capture?

Kinetic Motion Capture - Chidlren's HealthWhen you visit the Analytical Imaging and Modeling (AIM) Center at Children’s Health, an imaging specialist will welcome you and provide you with an overview of the imaging procedure planned for your child. Parents or guardians can accompany the patient to the imaging lab.

All images are obtained in a private lab, and one patient is scanned at a time. Appointments at the AIM Center may vary in length depending on the imaging employed and protocol used.

What can I expect during Kinematic Motion Capture?

In order to capture movements during kinematic motion capture, markers are placed on the patient’s skin using tape similar to that used for medical purposes. The process is painless, and the markers can easily be removed.

The markers cannot be placed on clothing. Therefore, we recommend that you bring shorts and a bathing suit to the appointment.

We will ask the patient to walk several times to obtain the best recordings. The process can be challenging for some patients, but we will work with you to assure that the process is as comfortable as possible.

The process may take up to two hours. Parents are allowed to stay with the patient the entire time but siblings will not be allowed in the lab during this time.