3D Surface Motion Capture

The videos generated from the 3D Surgace Motion Capture are further analyzed by physicians and therapists at Children’s Health℠ to provide better diagnosis and assessment of the patient’s condition.

What can I expect with 3D Surface Motion Capture?

3D Surface Motion Capture roomAn image from 3-D surface motion capture is similar to video recordings captured using a regular video camera. The difference is that multiple cameras are used to capture multiple videos from different angles. These multiple videos are then processed to produce a 3-D surface video that can be seen from different angles.

When you visit the Analytical Imaging and Modeling (AIM) Center at Children’s Health, an imaging specialist will welcome you and provide you with an overview of the imaging procedure planned for your child. Parents or guardians can accompany the patient to the imaging lab.

All images are obtained in a private lab, and one patient is scanned at a time. Appointments at the AIM Center may vary in length depending on the imaging employed and protocol used.

What can I expect during 3D Surface Motion Capture?

The 3-D surface motion capture imaging procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. The videos are captured in a brightly lit area of the imaging studio. The imaging specialist will inform the patient to perform different tasks (e.g. facial expressions, talking or moving parts of the body such as the hand). There may be multiple “takes” required to capture the desired images.