Financial Counseling


When you know that your child will need an organ transplant, it can be a stressful and frightening time for your family. In addition to worrying about your child’s care, the financial aspects of that care can also bring your family an additional layer of worry. The Transplant Financial Coordinators at Children’s Medical Center Dallas are committed to helping you effectively navigate through the world of healthcare associated costs and insurance coverage.

Going through the transplantation process requires detailed financial planning. Knowing in advance what to expect is an essential part of the process. In addition to pre-transplant costs, you’ll also need to consider the lifelong costs of medications, follow-up visits and periodic testing. Having the expertise of an experienced Financial Coordinator is key to making an organ transplant a reality for you and your child.

After your child has been referred for transplant, the Transplant Financial Coordinator reviews your medical insurance coverage. He or she will determine if you are eligible for transplantation at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. Children’s Medical Center Dallas works with most insurance plans; however, there are some insurance policies that may require that the transplant be performed elsewhere.

Once it has been determined that your insurance allows coverage at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, your Financial Coordinator will provide you with a benefit summary. The summary contains information about what your plan covers and an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses.

Your financial coordinator will meet with you one-on-one to evaluate and review your insurance benefits. They will continue to work with you, before and after your child’s transplant, to ensure you receive guidance and assistance with your financial needs.

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