Pediatric Neuro-Trauma Program

Pediatric Neuro-Trauma Program

Treatment for Children with Neuro-Trauma

Children’s Health has the top neuro-trauma program in our region. We offer expert care for children who have experienced brain and spinal cord injuries.

Neurological trauma includes any injury to the brain, skull, spine or nerves that could affect the way the brain or body functions. These injuries range from mild concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries. We treat all neuro-trauma with advanced therapies, and our team ensures every child receives care for all aspects of their health.

At Children's Health℠, we have a Level I Trauma Center. This means we’re capable of providing complete care for any injury and we always have top pediatric doctors of every specialty available. We are the only pediatric Level I Trauma Center in North Texas.

Acute trauma care from a diverse team of experts

When a child arrives at our Level I Trauma Center, they’re first evaluated by our experienced trauma team, which includes pediatric doctors and surgeons who specialize in pediatric trauma. After this initial evaluation, any specialists your child may need are on-hand to assess and treat your child. More severe head trauma may require emergency surgery or intracranial pressure monitoring to monitor the pressure on the brain.

When appropriate, we also consider if your child needs support and care from our social workers, psychologists and child life specialists. These specialists can help children and their families with challenges that can accompany traumatic events or life-changing injuries.

Advanced technology and treatments

At Children’s Health, our team includes renowned pediatric doctors, neurosurgeons and neurologists, who are on the faculty at UT Southwestern. This gives your child access to top pediatric neuro-trauma experts who use the most advanced technology and treatments.

Comprehensive care after trauma

Recovering from head trauma and spinal trauma can sometimes require follow-up care, like physical therapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation services. We have these services available for children currently staying in the hospital and for children who need continued care after going home. If a child experiences severe head trauma, reconstructive surgery for their face or skull might also be a part of their treatment plan.

At Children’s Health, we provide comprehensive follow-up care as long as your child needs it so they can live their happiest, healthiest life.