Return to Physical Activity After Concussion

Returning to Physical Activity After Concussion


Our knowledgeable professionals collaborate with other specialists when creating the treatment plan that will be most effective. We use a 3-phase recovery process. Children can return to general physical activity and sports during phase 3.

Our return to play protocol is applicable to all concussion patients, whether or not they engage in organized sports. Our protocol isn’t just about returning to sports, but to general physical activity. Each care plan is designed to return children to their normal physical activities quickly and safely.

A patient can begin this personalized action plan once he or she is tolerating school with no lingering issues. Learn about our return to school protocol.

At first, the only approved activities will be walking and light jogging. The child will need to avoid contact play with other children as well as activities that involve physical contact with flying objects, such as balls, flags or batons.

Our providers work closely with patients to help them recover fully on their own unique timetable. Only then will the child return to all activities.

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