Pediatric Concussion Program

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Pediatric Concussion Program

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The Children’s Health Concussion Program brings together a dedicated team of physicians, nurse practitioners, neuropsychologists and other specialists who work together to care for the most complex concussions – including cases that other centers may have turned away. Our Neuro-Concussion and Neuro-Headache Departments treat concussions that are caused by varying reasons, including childhood play, competitive sports, motor vehicle collisions or trauma.

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Expert Concussion Care

Concussion program medical director Dr. Tonia Sabo presents tips on concussion prevention and recovery for children and teens who play sports.


Expert Concussion Treatment

Our concussion specialists work together to determine the best course of treatment for each child with a personalized plan tailored to their needs. A comprehensive approach to treatment means your child's care will be managed at every step, from diagnosis to recovery.

  • Collaborative: Multiple experts work together and across departments to ensure your child has the most effective treatment possible. In addition to our skilled pediatric neurologist and nurse practitioners, your child’s care team may include:
    • Neurologist or a pediatric nurse practitioner trained in neurology and concussion care
    • Neuropsychologist
    • Occupational therapist
    • Physical therapist
    • Speech therapist
    • Psychologist
    • Social worker
  • Specialized treatment: Every care provider in our program has extensive training in pediatric neurology. They’ve dedicated their careers to understanding the fine points of diagnosing and treating concussion.
  • Passionate advocates: Our nurse coordinator and clinical team puts our patients and their families at the heart of all they do. They have concussion-specific training and will be the liaison between Children’s Health and your child’s school, sports and extracurricular contacts. Our team utilizes the Children’s Health School Services Department to communicate more specific needs with the child’s school, if necessary.
  • Advanced technology: Innovation is always at the forefront of our program. In partnership with the prestigious program at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, we’re involved in research for concussion care and management. You can rest assured that your child will receive the most leading-edge treatment possible. The Children's Health Specialty Center Cityville has the latest innovative equipment to combat balance and dizziness issues that often accompany concussion.
  • Community leadership: Because we treat so many cases and lead the way in concussion research we are the authority on concussions in North Texas. We work with organizations and community programs throughout the region to provide concussion education.

Concussion Resources

  • Phases of Concussion Recovery - To ensure the brain heals properly our team of specialists will provide step-by-step guidance on when it is safe for patients to return to school, sports and other activities.
  • Return to School After a Concussion - Our team will provide formal letters of communication at each visit to update the school on the patient’s progress and needs. In addition, if necessary, our nurses will work with your child’s teacher, principal and school nurse to ensure they are able to meet these needs.
  • Return to Play - Our team of specialists is committed to helping children return safely to normal activities like school, sports and play. Each treatment plan is tailored to the unique symptoms and needs of the child, but in general we follow these phases of recovery.
  • Concussion information for medical providers - For health care providers considering a referral to the Neuro-Concussion program.


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