Pediatric Liver Transplant Program

Pediatric Liver Transplant Program

Our nationally recognized pediatric liver transplant specialists use the latest approaches to give children back their childhood.

At Children's Health℠, your child has access to every available method to overcome liver disease. Our dedicated team of pediatric liver transplant surgeons have performed hundreds of liver transplants, with outcomes that consistently meet or exceed national averages.

Our transplant patients receive personalized care plans and one-on-one attention from pre- and post-transplant coordinators. We are here for your child and your family, from your child’s diagnosis with liver disease through transplant and post-transplant care. And when it’s time for your child to transition to adult care, we help every step of the way. That helps explain why US News & World Report ranks our team among the top 10 nationwide and ranks our pediatric liver disease program (hepatology) as excellent .

Multiple liver transplant options

Our specialists offer all types of pediatric liver transplantation to give your child more options, including:

  • Whole liver transplant: Your child receives a complete liver from a deceased donor.
  • Split-liver transplant: We split a donor liver between your child and another person to save two lives.
  • Segmental liver transplant: Surgeons trim down a larger liver to be a more appropriate size for your child.
  • ABO-incompatible liver transplant: Children need a liver from a donor who is a close “match.” That means the donor needs to have a blood type that’s compatible with your child’s. If we cannot find a good donor, we can offer an ABO-incompatible transplant for children age 2 and under. We use specific immunosuppression techniques to reduce the likelihood of organ rejection, even if your child and the donor aren’t a perfect match.

24/7 availability for your child and your family

You’ll have access to a team of specialists who can help your family make a plan for keeping up with school and continuing to enjoy all the things that make childhood special. One of our team members is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your team includes:

  • Pre- and post-transplant coordinators who get to know your family and can help with appointments, medications and more
  • Dedicated Child Life specialists who provide support with play, schooling and navigating the ups and downs of treatment
  • A psychologist and social worker who work exclusively with liver transplant recipients

Post-transplant care that grows with your child

A pediatric liver transplant is a lifelong commitment. As your child gains independence, we’re here for the journey. We offer:

  • Peer group events where teenage transplant recipients can get together with other teens who’ve had transplants to enjoy food, games and camaraderie
  • Four-day summer camp at Camp John Marc , near Dallas, where all transplant patients over age 12 can enjoy outdoor activities and games, staffed by our transplant team
  • Structured transition to adult care through our PACT (Pediatric to Adult Care Transition) program

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