Pediatric Complex Care Patient Resources



Car Seat Resources

Children's Medicaid Links 

  • Link for families with questions regarding their child's medicaid, as well as additional resources for families. 


DME Resources by County (PDF)




Healthy Children 

  • A website sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) with up-to-the-minute pediatric health information specially customized for you and your family. Registering online also grants families access to a monthly eNewsletter. Available in English and Spanish.

Home Health by County (PDF)


Peds QL Family Impact Module (PDF)

  • The PedsQL™ Family Impact Module was designed to measure the impact of pediatric chronic health conditions on parents and the family. The PedsQL™ Family Impact Module measures parent self-reported physical, emotional, social, and cognitive functioning, communication, and worry. The Module also measures parent-reported family daily activities and family relationships. On the PedsQL Generic Core Scales, for ease of interpretability, items are reversed scored and linearly transformed to a 0-100 scale, so that higher scores indicate better HRQOL (Health-Related Quality of Life). To reverse score, transform the 0-4 scale items to 0-100 as follows: 0=100, 1=75, 2=50, 3=25, 4=0. The PedsQL Family Impact Module Total Scale Score is the sum of all 36 items divided by the number of items answered. The Parent HRQOL Summary Score (20 items) is computed as the sum of the items divided by the number of items answered in the Physical, Emotional, Social, and Cognitive Functioning Scales. The Family Functioning Summary Score (8 items) is computed as the sum of the items divided by the number of items answered in the Daily Activities and Family Relationships Scales.

Playground Accessibility  

  • Families can search by their zip code to find wheelchair friendly playgrounds close to their home.  


Sickkids: Transition passport

  • Transition passport:  An online program which develops a pocket-sized card containing information in the care of your child and their chronic concerns. Designed to be used with future providers and emergency personnel as you transition into the adult world.