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Care Coordination


With our Care Coordination program, one care coordinator is assigned to the patient and family to offer consistency in care management. Organized and consolidated appointments are made for the child in an effort to reduce frequent trips, and the child’s care coordinator develops and distributes a comprehensive plan to all providers involved in the child’s care team. The child’s care coordinator also provides extensive education for the patient and family about medications, diagnoses and treatments, and they assist in talking to insurance providers, home-health companies and community resources.

Our program allows the primary care physician to spend more time seeing patients and less time completing paperwork and researching information. A written comprehensive care plan that is distributed following all specialists’ visits means all providers will always have the most up-to-date information. We continue to communicate with the family every 30 days or more frequently as required by the child’s complexity and in coordination with appointments at Children’s with associated specialists. When a child is admitted, the care coordinator acts as a resource to increase efficiency and ensure consistency.