Nevus Sebaceous

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What is Nevus Sebaceous?

image of skin with nevus sebaceousNevus sebaceous is a skin lesion that commonly occurs on the face and scalp. The word “nevus” means mole or malformation of the skin.

Essentially, nevus sebaceous is a hairless skin lesion that is present from birth. The color is somewhat orange or yellow and the lesion may be slightly raised or irregular.

How is Nevus Sebaceous treated?

Generally, it is recommended to surgically remove the skin lesion once the diagnosis is made. Removal is suggested due to the known incidence of basal cell carcinoma, which occurs in approximately 5-8% of nevus sebaceous lesions. This change does not happen before puberty, however. At puberty, these birthmarks often grow, thicken, develop a wart-like appearance, and may become slightly itchy or irritated.