Lichen Striatus

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What is Lichen Striatus?

Child's skin with lichen striatusLichen striatus is a rash that consists of small raised bumps in a line, which gradually fade leaving a line of flat, white, pink or brown spots. These spots usually fade with time, leaving flat white or dark spots. These lesions last one week to three years, then spontaneously disappear.

Characteristically, the lesions begin on a buttock and spread down the leg, or begin on the shoulder and progress down the arm, but they can occur anywhere on the face or body. If the lesions are present on a finger or toe, the nail may appear abnormal.

This condition most commonly occurs in children between two and twelve years of age. It is not infectious or contagious and does not affect the child's overall health.

How is Lichen Striatus treated?

No treatment is needed. Mild topical steroids are only helpful for itching and do not help the spots fade faster.