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Pediatric Hand Tendon Injuries

When your child has a hand injury, our highly specialized team can diagnose, manage and treat their injuries of the hand and its tendons.


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What are Pediatric Hand Tendon Injuries?

The hand and wrist are a complex arrangement of bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. A tendon is a thin “rope” of connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone and allows you to bend or straighten your finger. Injuries to tendons are common and can occur from cuts to the hand or from sports injuries. These injuries need prompt evaluation and treatment to prevent long-term effects to the function of the hand. Most repairs need to take place within one to two weeks to avoid multiple surgeries.

What are the different types of Pediatric Hand Tendon Injuries?

Tendons are found in every finger and have important roles in the function of the hand.

Flexor Tendons

The flexor tendons are found on the palm side of the hand and help flex (or bend) the fingers. Each finger has two flexor tendons used to bend the two smaller finger joints while the thumb only has one.

Extensor Tendons

The extensor tendons are found on the back of the hand and help to extend (or straighten) the fingers. Each finger and thumb have one extensor tendon that attaches near each joint.

What are the signs and symptoms of Pediatric Hand Tendon Injuries?

  • Inability to bend one or more joints of the finger
  • Inability to fully straighten one or more joints of the finger
  • Pain with contact or movement of the finger
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Lacerations or cuts on the back or palm side of a finger, hand or wrist

How are Pediatric Hand Tendon Injuries diagnosed?

The specialists at Children’s Health℠ are experts at diagnosing hand tendon injuries. We will perform a complete history and physical exam to determine the extent of the injury. Your child will also get an X-ray to rule out a fracture or break of the bone. Sometimes, more advanced imaging is needed with an MRI.

What are the causes of Pediatric Hand Tendon Injuries?

Tendon injuries are common and can occur from cuts to sports activities such as a jammed finger. Tendons can tear off the bone, which is called avulsion injury and may also be known as “jersey finger” or “mallet finger” in some cases.

How are Pediatric Hand Tendon Injuries treated?

It is important that your child is immediately evaluated and treated for hand tendon injuries to prevent long-term problems with the use of the hand.

Some tendon injuries can be treated without surgery, using immobilization in a splint or cast. Other tendon injuries need prompt surgery to repair the injured tendons. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to restore the proper function of the hand.

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