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Michael's story: A cochlear implant pioneer thrives

In 1991, Michael was the first child to receive a cochlear implant in North Texas. He shares his story.

Michael Michael

"Your son, Michael, will never be able to hear, speak or do the things a normal hearing person would do," my parents were told. I was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf at the age of 15 months. My world seemed as if it had come to a narrow passage with very limited opportunities.  However, it was the beginning of something unforeseen and beyond normal. All future dreams and visions seemed shattered, but they were actually expanding to a whole new dimension a normal-hearing person would never experience.

Michael doing intensive Auditory Verbal TherapyImplanted at UT Southwestern by Peter Roland, M.D., I was the first child to receive the cochlear implant in Dallas at the age of 2 in 1991. Since then I have thrived in the mainstream world. I contribute most of my cochlear implantation success to the intensive Auditory Verbal Therapy I had with therapists at UTD Callier and with Linda Daniels before and after receiving my cochlear implant. I underwent therapy until I was in the fourth grade. Another contributing factor was my family's unending involvement to boost my communication skills; therapy sessions extended into my home and daily life. While therapy was at times exhausting and grueling, I am so glad that my parents enrolled me into it.

I have been in mainstream schools with all normal hearing students since the first grade and have been tremendously successful. I feel like I have been immensely blessed to have a cochlear implant that can help me hear, speak and communicate with others. With this blessing, I feel a duty to participate in mainstream society and endeavor to be the best I can be in as many possible opportunities. I attended the International Business Academy, a highly sophisticated high school program for ambitious students while taking dual credit courses at Brookhaven Community College. I graduated high school as one of the top 10 students of my class and with honors. I went on to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, to pursue a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing. I graduated from SMU in a total of three years with my BBA in Marketing and with honors in 2010. 

Michael at graduationUpon graduating SMU, I worked for Cochlear Americas for seven years. It was a surreal experience to work for the company that enabled me to achieve all the things that I have accomplished over the years. While working full-time at Cochlear, I obtained my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Colorado. Currently, I am a Senior Market Strategist at Medtronic. I feel immensely privileged to "pay it forward" in the medical device industry as the medical device marvel – the cochlear implant – positively impacted me in ways beyond imagination.

My favorite things in the world are travel, music, cars and coffee. I love to travel around the world and enjoy learning about new cultures – communication (even in foreign speaking countries) never slowed me down.  I feel very blessed to have the gift of music; I cannot go a day without wirelessly streaming music from my iPhone directly into my cochlear implant sound processor.

I never let my deafness handicap my abilities; I continue to move forward. I owe my success to my loving family, my great doctor, outstanding speech therapists and audiologists, and cochlear implant manufacturers like Cochlear.

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