Pediatric Psychiatry Consult Services

Pediatric Psychiatry Consult Services

Complete Mental Health Care in the Hospital or ER

Our psychiatrists and psychology providers partner with medical providers to evaluate and treat children in the emergency department or the hospital who are experiencing physical or mental health symptoms—or both at the same time.

Some children experience both medical conditions, such as epilepsy or diabetes, and mental health conditions, such as depression or suicidal thoughts. When medical providers at Children's Health℠ believe that a child they’re treating needs mental health support, they call our child psychiatry and psychology specialists.

This team, called Pediatric Psychiatry Consult Services, includes experts in comprehensive mental health care for children. As part of your child’s care team, we work alongside medical providers to make sure your child receives complete care for their physical and mental health.

Whether your child is in the emergency room or is hospitalized, we evaluate them and provide appropriate treatment recommendations, including therapy and medication, as needed.

Inpatient Only

Our Programs

  • Consult Psychiatry and Psychology Program
  • Play Therapy Program
  • Psychiatric Resource Nurse Program

Treatments and Services

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Coping skills training
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Medication consultation
  • Play therapy
  • Suicide assessment and safety planning

Mental health care for children while in the hospital or ER

Our Pediatric Psychiatry Consult Services team is dedicated to caring for children during a current admission either in the emergency department or the hospital. We work closely with your child’s doctors to understand your child’s needs and recommend the right treatment.

Sometimes, we start treating your child’s psychiatric needs while they are in the hospital or emergency department. This treatment may include teaching them ways to cope with their emotions and manage stress. Treatment may also include medication for conditions such as anxiety and depression. If we recommend medication, our psychiatrist and physical health care providers work together to ensure that your child’s medical condition isn’t affected.

In some situations, we provide information and advice that the whole family can use at home. This counseling and education may include tips for communication and ways to support positive coping when your child is having a hard time.

Referrals for ongoing mental health care

Your child may benefit from continuing mental health care after they go home from the hospital or emergency department. We might recommend seeing a therapist or counselor regularly or seeing a psychiatrist to manage your child’s medication. We will connect you with our colleagues in one of the outpatient programs at Children’s Health or other providers near you.

Your child may be receiving treatment at Children’s Health for a physical health condition and may have access to a mental health care provider in one of our specialty clinics or programs. If so, our team may work with the psychologist or therapist in that area to coordinate a plan for ongoing care.

Meet the Care Team

Our Pediatric Psychiatry Consult Services team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical therapists and social workers with advanced training in mental health care for children. Our years of experience enable us to provide exceptional care for children with mental health symptoms while in the hospital or emergency department.