Chronic Abdominal Pain Clinic

Chronic Abdominal Pain Clinic

Our expert team utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to create a plan for regaining wellness.

Childhood chronic abdominal pain affects 10-15% of school aged children and 20% of middle and high school aged children. The recurrent pain can lead to great levels of dysfunction and school absences. During your child's first visit, your child will be seen by a pain Management doctor, a gastroenterologist and a psychologist. Each provider will visit with you and your child for one hour then all of your providers will meet with you and your child as a group. The entire visit will last at least four hours.

Treatments and Services

  • Acupuncture
  • Imaging, labs and other diagnostic procedures
  • Lifestyle modifications: diet, exercise, sleep and physical activity
  • Medications
  • Psychological Support

Program Overview

The pain management doctor has training and experience in assessing and treating pain in children. The doctor is responsible for your child’s overall plan of care. He may prescribe medication, order further tests, or perform procedures if indicated. Our gastroenterologist will review your previous records and studies as well as examine you to determine the best recommendations given your particular case.

The psychologist will develop a coping plan and implement behavioral medicine techniques that may be extremely effective in controlling pain and reducing the stress caused by the pain. After the initial evaluations by each team member are completed, all team members will meet with you to discuss the results of their visits and give their suggestions for treatment.

Treatments may be given by all three groups or may only be given by one member, based upon the cause of your child's pain, or his or her physical and emotion conditions. At the end of the visit, appointments will be made for a follow up visit, or if a procedure is necessary, you will speak with a coordinator to schedule.

Your follow-up appointment will be scheduled with one of our experienced pain management nurse practitioners or as a joint appointment between one of our pain management nurse practitioners and a gastroenterology nurse practitioner. This appointment will last approximately one hour and is an opportunity to evaluate your child’s progress on the previously provided recommendations and make changes as needed.

Research Statement

We have numerous studies evaluating the efficacy and safety of drugs used to treat acute and chronic pain in children. We are also conducting studies assessing devices that monitor patient status during and after surgery.

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