girl performing artistic moves

Artistic Athlete Workshop: Treating the Whole Athlete

Children’s Health℠ Andrews Institute’s Holly Nieman, in collaboration with Baylor Scott & White’s Wendy Davidson, lead an annual workshop to educate and support performing arts athletes, parents, teachers and coaches. In a series of videos, experts in the fields of dietetics, physical therapy and mental health share comprehensive training on mitigating injury and increasing longevity for all athletes regardless of sport.

Athletes & Anxiety


Kimberly Williams,LCSW
Objectives: Discussion regarding clinical anxiety, nerves vs. anxiety, identifying factors and coping skills

Food as Fuel: Nutrition as a Performance Tool


Brittany Wehrle MS, RDN, LD
Objectives: Four key elements of a balanced diet, fueling for performance, underfueling, maintaining a healthy balance

Intrinsic Physical Therapy and Pilates


Christina Meyers, MSPT, COMT
Objectives: Educate wisely, reduce injury, promote longevity

In collaboration with: Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation