Lactation Support Services

Lactation Support Services

Mom and Baby Feeding Services

We help every mom reach her individual goals for feeding her baby.

Giving your baby the right nutrients for a healthy start in life is always important. But for a baby with a medical condition or a nursing mom with a child in the hospital, feeding can become difficult for mother and baby. At Children’s Health℠, we understand that being able to feed your child is key to their health and your well-being.

Evidence-based care

Whatever your plans – breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding or some combination – our multidisciplinary care team supplies the evaluation, education and support needed to meet your goals. Working together, our highly experienced team develops a personalized feeding plan for mom and baby. Your team may include:

  • Registered Dietitians to ensure that infants get the right nutrition
  • Lactation Consultants to help with milk supply, education and latching
  • Speech Therapists to assess baby’s proper sucking, swallowing and breathing while feeding



Please notify a bedside nurse or member of your medical team if you are interested in Lactation Support Services while staying at Children’s Health.

A Human Milk Lab Tech pours EBM (expressed breast milk) into another container to get the correct amount and mix in any additives needed to supplement the milk's nutritional value.

Human Milk Lab

Infants under our care at Children’s Medical Center Dallas can still have their mothers’ breast milk through our Human Milk Lab*. Following medical best practices, the Milk Lab is a dedicated space for storing and mixing mother’s milk with formula when extra calories are needed. Milk Lab Technicians safely deliver each mom’s expressed breast milk to her when needed. We also package surplus milk so that it goes home with baby.

*This is not a donor milk bank. Visit Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas to learn more about our partner and the donor milk program.

Personalized lactation services at the bedside means mom can concentrate on her baby’s health.

Lactation Consultants visit moms at their baby’s bedside to offer tips for successful breastfeeding and pumping, such as how to:

  • Use and clean an electronic breast pump
  • Breastfeed, with help on positioning and latching
  • Prepare to return to work (milk storage, increase milk supply, manage stress, etc.)
  • Safely store breastmilk
  • Safely prepare and breastfeed at home
  • Take care of yourself and eat properly to increase milk supply
  • Access lactation resources after discharge from hospital
  • Obtain a personal breast pump for home use
  • Set and achieve breastfeeding goals
I don’t think people know how much of a difference the Lactation Consultant made in my life.”
Audie, mother of a patient

Families get breastfeeding help and support, so infants get the nutrients their growing bodies need.

Our multidisciplinary care team has the tools moms need for their newborns to thrive. We supply mothers with babies under care at Children’s Health with:

  • Breast pump education
  • Breast milk storage guidelines
  • Infant nutrition and dietary information
  • Breastfeeding help and support
  • Human Milk Lab storage

If you are interested in Lactation Support Services while staying at Children’s Health, please tell your bedside nurse or a member of your medical team.

Meet the Care Team

  • Dawn Schindler, RN, BSN, IBCLC
    Dawn Schindler, RN, BSN, IBCLC Lactation Consultant
  • SH
    Sharetha Hollier, MSN, RN, IBCLC Lactation Consultant