Feeding Program

Feeding Program

The Integrated Therapy Feeding Program at Children's Health℠ is one of the largest inpatient programs in the U.S. and the only multidisciplinary program in Texas that helps children of all ages who struggle to eat.

For more than 20 years, our unique feeding program has helped children improve their ability to eat. Our team, which includes experts from more specialties than almost any other program in the country, can determine the cause of your child’s eating struggles. Whether they have low muscle tone in their jaw and tongue, sensory challenges, or behavioral issues, we can provide the personalized treatment they need.

Our comprehensive inpatient program offers structured treatment that can lead to great progress in a short time. The program includes every type of feeding therapy, from speech therapy for swallowing to counseling for anxiety about food. Some children may need to try new textures of food to expand their palate. Other children may need exercises to improve the strength of their tongue or jaw.

A compassionate team of experts

Each of our therapists is specially trained to treat feeding disorders and have a special passion for helping children eat – and enjoy eating. This strong focus has helped our team develop skills and techniques to help children with a wide range of problems find a way to eat.

A lifetime of eating healthy

We want to help your child develop lifelong healthy eating habits, so we offer support even after they have completed the inpatient feeding program. You and your child can continue to see our therapists through outpatient care or flexible telehealth visits.

Support from other families

You can meet other parents and children who are facing eating challenges while in the feeding program. Families tell us that the support, encouragement and advice they give to each other is a comfort and inspiration throughout the journey.