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Turn your child's screen time into an opportunity for learning

How apps can help your child’s education

siblings playing games on tablet computer together siblings playing games on tablet computer together

You know too much screen time is not a good thing for your child. But what about when that screen time is used to build skills in math, science and reading? There are a wide variety of educational apps that can keep your child entertained while learning at the same time.

Check out our top picks for the best education-based apps by age group:

Apps for preschoolers

ABC Mouse by Age of Learning, Inc.
ABC Mouse is a one-stop shop, featuring more than 5,000 interactive learning activities for preschoolers and kindergartners that teach reading, math, science, art, music and more.

Sago Mini School
Your preschooler will learn numbers, shapes, early reading and problem solving skills all while having fun. Sago Mini School has a variety of activities designed to spark learning and curiosity in the preschool-age child.

Apps for elementary school-aged kids

Word Cookies by BitMango
This word puzzle game features a virtual cookie jar where you can gather and shuffle letters to build words. This app is a great tool for vocabulary building.

ABCya by ABCya.com
The ABCya app features over 250 games and activities organized by grade level and covers all instructional subjects. There’s something here for every school-aged child.

Apps for middle school and beyond

Quizlet by Quizlet LLC
This app lets your child create their very own flashcards on a given subject or choose from millions created by other Quizlet users. Great for high school students preparing for SAT or ACT or other big exams.

IXL by IXL.com
There are numerous apps available for younger students, but IXL offers complete K-12 grade level content for math and language arts in a fun and engaging format that will even keep teens interested.

Apps for kids learning English as a second language

BrainPop ESL
This app uses engaging animated movies to model conversational English and reinforces vocabulary skills for kids learning English as a second language. BrainPop also offers various other apps in a variety of educational levels and subjects.

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