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5 tips for an active, healthier winter

Set your family up for success by following these five recommendations to make your physical activity more enjoyable in the winter

a young family in the autumn park a young family in the autumn park

As the winter months approach and the temperatures get cooler, many of us hibernate and seek out our favorite comfort foods. Making time for physical activity not only helps offset all the holiday eating, but it can create new family traditions around healthier behaviors.

Following these five tips can help you get on the road to a healthier winter.

1. Layer up  

Wearing layers provides better insulation and allows more freedom of movement. It's best to dress children in several thin layers — one more layer than an adult would wear -- for outside play. And remember to cover your child's face, hands and head.

2. Wear bright clothing 

Don't let winter's early darkness get in the way of outdoor fun. Dress your children in bright colors for outdoor play so you can easily keep an eye on them. Reflective clothes or accessories also help children to be more visible to motorists.

3. Keep skin moisturized

Cold temperatures can dry out skin, especially children's exposed hands and faces. Bathe children in warm rather than hot water, using mild, unscented soap to avoid stripping the skin of natural oils. Apply moisturizer to the child's skin after bathing and as needed throughout the day.

4. Practice good hand hygiene   

It is a myth that cold weather causes children to catch a cold or the flu. However, these viruses are more common in the winter, so make sure your child washes their hands frequently, and covers their mouth when coughing and sneezing. The best way to prevent the flu is to get an influenza vaccine for you and your family.

5. Don't forget the sunscreen 

It’s still possible to get a sunburn outside in the winter. Apply sunscreen to exposed areas just as you would in the summer if you're spending time outside.

A little preparation can make the difference between your family having fun during the colder months or hibernating until the summer months. Be proactive and enjoy the fun and adventures winter brings with its colder weather. See more tips to motivate your child to exercise all year-round.

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