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  • Asthma Educational Resources


    Asthma Educational Resources

    The Asthma Management Program at Children’s Healthâ„  Children's Medical Center is an outpatient educational program that focuses on asthma education and self-management skills. With that goal in mind, our pediatric asthma experts have put together the following list of educational resources for patients and their families:

  • 7 Common Asthma questions parents ask


    7 Common Asthma questions parents ask

    If you worry that your child might have asthma, or your child has recently been diagnosed, you probably have plenty of questions for the doctor. To make the most of your visit with the pediatrician, make a list of those questions and bring them with you. Here are seven questions you'll definitely want on the list:

  • Just the Facts: Busting 6 Asthma Myths


    Just the Facts: Busting 6 Asthma Myths

    The spring and summer seasons bring on higher pollen counts, more humidity and changes in air quality, which means it's asthma season. Our knowledge of this condition is constantly improving, but plenty of myths have stuck around. Let's set the record straight about your child's asthma.

  • Fast Facts: Managing asthma in the winter


    Fast Facts: Managing asthma in the winter

    Have you ever noticed that it's more difficult to breathe in the wintertime? That's because cold air causes your airways to contract. For kids with asthma, that constriction can make breathing much more difficult — and makes asthma attacks more likely. Meanwhile, other health conditions like the flu and respiratory infections are more common during colder months, and those can make asthma symptoms worse.

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