Pediatric Milk Lab


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Suite F4170

What is Pediatric Milk Lab?

At Children’s Health℠, we are proud of our Milk Lab. Led by the Clinical Nutrition department, the Milk Lab provides a centralized location for the handling of expressed breast milk (EBM), which aligns with best practice research. Our team is able to focus on making sure the milk is processed and stored properly, and the nurses are able to focus on taking care of the patient.

What are the benefits of Pediatric Milk Lab?

Centralizing the receiving, storage, preparation and distribution of EBM through the Milk Lab has the following benefits:

  • Preserves the nutritional and immunological  benefits of breast milk
  • Minimizes contamination and bacterial growth
  • Reduces risk of patient receiving wrong breast milk
  • Increases utilization of nursing for other patient care needs
  • Improves consistency and reliability of following procedures
  • Ensures breast milk is sent home at discharge

Sarah Bradley, RD/LD says “The Milk Lab has played a vital role in increasing patient safety; this is greatly appreciated in high risk populations such as newborns and infants undergoing open heart surgery. I know the families appreciate the support they receive from the Milk Lab staff throughout their admission, as well their assistance with packing up at discharge. These families find comfort knowing that their ‘liquid gold’ truly receives the royal treatment during their stay here at Children's Health.”

Jana Meeks, RN, also adds “This is the first hospital I’ve worked at with a Milk Lab. I’ve enjoyed it because I don’t have to rush to prepare milk, so I get to spend more time with the patient.”

Our Milk Lab is only for mothers who are pumping for their babies that are currently hospitalized at Children’s Health.

What can I expect with Pediatric Milk Lab?

The Milk Lab is staffed by specially trained Milk Lab Technicians 7 days a week. They ensure each container of EBM is properly labeled and is stored in a designated bin for each child. They monitor the expiration dates to prioritize the use of fresh EBM, maximizing the health benefits to the child. If EBM will not be used before it expires, they move it to a deep freezer for optimal long-term storage. For children requiring added nutrients in their EBM, the Milk Lab provides a sterile preparation space where each ingredient is measured precisely and combined carefully.

The Milk Lab, located at D7101 in Children's Medical Center Dallas, was designed using best practices to minimize the risk of patients receiving incorrect or improperly prepared EBM. The design is also intended to improve nurse efficiency and standardize procedures.