Pediatric Duplicated Uterus and/or Vagina

Pediatric Duplicated Uterus and/or Vagina



Duplicated (double) uterus and/or vagina can form in female babies, typically when they are developing in their mother's womb.

Expanded overview

A duplicated uterus – or a double uterus – is a uterus that has two separate cavities. Each cavity may lead to its own cervix (womb). In some cases, females with a double uterus also have a duplicated vagina. Both vaginas may develop properly on both sides, or one vagina can be blocked. The duplicated vagina may or may not be apparent from physical appearance.


Duplicated uterus and/or vagina occur when these sex organs develop unusually while a female baby is in their mother's womb.


In some cases, girls may have a duplicated uterus or vagina and not be aware of it. When symptoms do occur, they may include:

  • Abnormal bleeding during a period
  • Complications during pregnancy and delivery
  • Infertility
  • Unusual pain before or during a menstrual period

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