Pediatric Minimal Access Surgery (MAS)


What is Minimal Access Surgery (MAS)?

Minimal access surgery (MAS) is a surgical technique similar to laparoscopy, but further advances the technique by using a single port, usually located at the umbilicus.

What procedures are preformed using Minimal Access Surgery (MAS)?

It is used in general surgery and in more common procedures such as:

  • Gastric tube placement 
  • Appendectomies

As this technique continues to evolve, more complex MAS procedures are being performed.

What are the advantages of Minimal Access Surgery (MAS)?

  • Improved quality of life after surgery 
  • Reduction in stress response to surgery and postoperative pain
  • Smaller incisions and wounds, less scarring and improved cosmesis
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Video imaging for the entire surgical team
  • Appropriate and safe for use in small infants

What are the considerations of Minimal Access Surgery (MAS)?

  • MAS requires an experienced surgical team; learning takes time
  • Surgeons lose tactile sensation while operating
  • Current technology limits imaging to two dimensions 
  • Control of bleeding is difficult
  • Enhanced ergonomics of operation using robotics may improve functionality in the future 

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