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Sleep Medicine


The Sleep Disorders Center at Children’s Health℠ specializes in treating children who have problems falling asleep, staying asleep or remaining awake during the day. Sleep is crucial for the growth and development of children, so our goal is to work collaboratively with families and children to understand and treat what is keeping them up at night.

Why Children's Health℠?

The Sleep Disorders Center at Children’s Health is the only dedicated pediatric sleep center in North Texas accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that offers clinical evaluation, diagnosis and management of children with all forms of sleep disorders.

The Sleep Disorders Center has two convenient locations in North Texas. Each center is staffed with board-certified specialists in sleep medicine who are faculty at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Because we understand the special needs of children, each of our centers was created to be a safe, comforting and caring environment for your family.

Untreated Sleep Disorders

Some children simply grow out of sleep disturbances, but there is sometimes an underlying condition causing the problem. If you suspect your child has a sleep problem, it is important to have him evaluated.

Untreated pediatric sleep disorders have been linked to problems including obesity, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, slow growth, hormonal and mood problems.

“Normal” Sleep Patterns

By the time children are six months old, their nighttime sleep pattern is usually very similar to an adult’s. By the time they are a year old, sleep should occur in one uninterrupted block of time.

Naps usually begin to shorten and decrease over the first three years and by the age of four, typically are no longer needed. At that point, a child should be getting anywhere between eight and 11 hours of sleep each night.