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Pediatric Sleep Disorders Programs and Services


The Children’s Health℠ Sleep Disorders Center is one of two dedicated pediatric sleep centers that are accredited by the Academy of Sleep Medicine and the only one in North Texas.

Pediatric Sleep Apnea

Pediatric sleep apnea treatment includes tonsil removal surgery, of a CPAP machine or CPAP mask. Learn more about Sleep Apnea and CPAP with Children’s Health.

Pediatric Sleep Medicine

The Sleep Disorders Center at Children’s Health specializes in treating children who have problems falling asleep, staying asleep or remaining awake during the day. Sleep is crucial for the growth and development of children, so our goal is to work collaboratively with families and children to understand and treat what is keeping them up at night.

Pediatric Sleep Studies Lab

The Sleep Studies Lab at Children’s is your family’s trusted partner in diagnosing, treating and monitoring your child’s sleep challenges. We are the only dedicated pediatric sleep center in North Texas accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that offers comprehensive treatment for all forms of sleep disorders.


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