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Asthma Management Program


The Asthma Management Program is a 3-6 month education and care coordination program that works in partnership with the primary care physician’s management plans. The program supports the physician-patient relationship and plan of care through environmental assessment, patient and family education, and ongoing family contact and reinforcement. The Asthma Management Program adheres to the asthma guidelines set forth by the National Heart and Blood Institute.

Awarded the Disease Specific Care Certification by the Joint Commission in 2003, our Asthma Management Program was the first in Texas and only one of three in the nation to receive this award for pediatric asthma.

Enrollment Criteria

  • Requires a doctor referral
  • Children under the age of 18 with a diagnosis of asthma
  • Must live in Dallas, Tarrant, Ellis, Collin, Kaufman, Rockwall, or Denton county

Description of Services

  • Patient/Families can remain in the Asthma Management Program for up to 6 months.
  • Two home visits by a Registered Respiratory Therapist providing one-on-one age-specific asthma education
  • Receipt of a peak flow meter, spacer, hypoallergenic pillowcase, asthma diary, and action plan
  • Home evaluation to identify specific asthma triggers
  • Bi-weekly telephone follow-ups with a registered nurse for the full 3- 6 months of the program
  • Monthly group education classes

Program Success

Outcomes associated with the completion of our program indicate the following:

  • 62% decrease in asthma-related inpatient admissions
  • 91% increase in asthma quality of life scores

How to Enroll

For more information on how to enroll in the Asthma Management Program, email asthma.mgmt@childrens.com or call 214-456-LUNG (5864).

Please click here to download the Physician Order Form.

Patient Stories

Watch our patient families describe their experiences.

Bluetooth Inhaler

Bluetooth Inhaler

Propeller Health provides a device that attaches to a patient’s asthma controller and rescue medications. Information from the device is transferred to the Propeller Health portal on the patient’s/parent’s/Asthma Manager smart phone or email.

Propeller helps families manage asthma by:

  • Tracking the locations, times and weather conditions when an inhaler is used
  • Identifying early warning signals and patterns of asthma attacks
  • Encouraging adherence of daily medications through smart reminders and patient-friendly advice

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