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Pulmonology Asthma Services


Why Children's Health℠?

Asthma is among the top three admitting diagnoses at Children’s Health. The Asthma Management Program links in-home education, environmental assessment, family self-management skills and primary care physician involvement to deal with the complexities of treating patients with asthma.





Low Risk Asthma Care

Our Children’s Health Pediatric Group Medical District location treats low risk asthma in a primary care environment.

High Risk Asthma Care

The care team for inpatient, meaning hospitalized patients, and outpatient, meaning doctor's appointments, at Children's Health service severe and high risk asthma. Your child's care team includes clinical pulmonologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapists, dieticians, and social workers.

Inpatient Asthma Education

  • All patients admitted to Children’s Health for asthma receive a personalized home management plan of care and individualized bedside education (based on NHLBI guidelines)
  • Consults with social work, child life, nutrition and other departments as needed
  • Children's Health is an asthma education resource for community physicians and staff, schools, day-care centers and churches, and community oriented primary care centers